360 degree feedback

Simple, clear and fast evaluation for standards in education

How it works...

Start by creating a free trial. We only need your name and email address.

Choose a set of standards you'd like to assess yourself against.

Complete your self-evaluation online. Take as long as you need, progress is saved.

Invite others to rate you against the same standards. Provide a name and email address and your colleague will receive a secure personal email invitation.

View your 360° report which will include scores per standard and aggregate scores across categories. Export as a PDF.

Easy to use

A clear, simple interface for you to get going quickly. Invite others using their name and email addresses.

Mobile friendly

Your colleagues can quickly complete their assessment on the go.

Customisation and Reporting

Clear, branded reports giving you a breakdown and analysis of your peer responses.


Measure scores across cohorts and organisations.

Free appraisal 360 based on Teachers' Standards

Help yourself to prepare for your next appraisal. Run a free 360 against the National Government Teaching Standards

National Professional Qualification Standards (NPQs)

If you are working towards any of the National Professional Qualification Standards you'll find the frameworks available.

Professional Clerk's Development Programme

A ready made 360 for Professional Clerks undertaking development programmes

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We are a not-for-profit organisation and aim to keep our costs low, so we can offer the best value for money. Any development work we undertake will be offered to all subscribers where relevant. If you have different requirements to the pricing plans below or any ideas on how we can improve the assessment, please get in touch to see what we can do. In some cases we can offer free subscriptions. Our primary aim is to support improvement in education using a school-led approach.


Free trial

  • Access to one set of standards
  • Complete your self-evaluation
  • Invite two colleagues
  • View and download PDF report
£10.99 (one off)

Single user

  • Access all standards
  • Unlimited self-evaluations
  • Invite unlimited colleagues
  • Free support
  • View and download PDF reports
£199 (per annum)


  • Cohort benchmarking
  • Unlimited self-evaluations for each user
  • Invite unlimited colleagues
  • Free support
  • View and download PDF reports
  • Up to 100 users
  • Branded reports
  • Two free custom question sets**
  • Free support
£100 (one-off)

Schools/charities *

  • Cohort benchmarking
  • Unlimited self-evaluations
  • Invite unlimited colleagues
  • Free support
  • View and download PDF reports
  • Up to 10 users (we are happy to be flexible)
  • Branded reports
  • Custom question sets on demand**
  • Free support

* We can offer discount pricing to smaller schools and charities. We can also offer free subscriptions in some cases. For MATs or similar size, we provide the Organisational licence.

** Custom questions can be designed and added to your evaluation. We can provide two bespoke question sets for you as part of the Organisational subscription. For example, you may wish to run a personalised version of questions more relevant to your organisation alongside a set of professional standards. If these questions consist of a framework that would benefit users in general, we will add this to the system at no cost and make it available to all other users.